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If you’ve spent any time reading about digital marketing, chances are you’ve heard the refrain “Content is king!”

Ultimately, it’s pretty on-point.

That said, it’s also contributed to the notion that all content is good content, meaning a lot of businesses and marketers produce content for content’s sake.

But the reason that content has maintained its regal position is because it helps you accomplish one of the most important goals of marketing: getting attention. The reality of the business situation is that nobody cares about you until you show them why they should. You have to give them something — whether it be knowledge, entertainment value, insightful opinion, etc. — they can’t get elsewhere.

In other words, no one wants to read content because they’ve got nothing better to do. Quality content, like all quality marketing initiatives, is about understanding your audience and staying laser focused each step of the way.

Of course, much of what has contributed to the overwhelming amount of content on the web is it being used to rank better in search engines.

The problem with this is that Google’s algorithm, in particular, is becoming immensely sophisticated. Instead of just looking for certain signals, such as links and keywords, it is increasingly taking user engagement into consideration. That includes things like bounce rate, time on page, pages per visit, etc. (This, of course, also speaks to why good content should always be accompanied by good design.)

So if you’re publishing ten-thousand-word articles but no one is reading them, chances are it’s not going to help you much. As the old saying goes, if a bear publishes a blog in the woods but nobody reads it…

You get the point.

Of course, content isn’t just about getting noticed. There are many types of content, from email sequences to ebooks, that are much more about getting an audience that is already aware of you to engage more deeply with your brand.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these and how Design Fire can help.

Our Content Specialties

Blog Posts

Some say that blogging has moved beyond its heyday, taking a backseat to video, podcasts, and other forms of content. Nevertheless, while there are a lot more players in the game now, blogging is still an integral part of many marketing funnels. That said, it is harder than ever to get attention on a blog, speaking to how important it is to measure twice and cut once, so to speak. That’s why, here at Design Fire, we take a research-heavy approach that starts with understanding your audience, your marketing objectives, and how your blog fits into the bigger picture of your marketing plan.

Web Pages

For most digital businesses, their most important asset is their website. It’s where they communicate who they are, what they do, and what makes them unique. Which is why it’s so important that your content, like your design, is rock-solid. This relates no only to the actual words on the page, but also the way that your pages are organized (referred to as site architecture). To really understand this, you need to have a firm grasp on your analytics, which shows you how users are actually engaging with your site. Thus, whether you need just the writing or would like help arranging and planning your content, we’ve got you.

Email Campaigns

Over two decades after the onset of email, it’s pretty amazing to see businesses and marketing agencies still using it to generate business. Some businesses, in fact, rely almost solely upon email marketing for lead generation. But again, as with blogging, it’s no longer the new kid on the block and the barrier to entry is higher due to the significant amount of email marketing happening on a daily basis. That’s why you need an agency that can develop truly great email marketing campaigns that take the whole picture into consideration, from how it fits into your offer to the ways your audience tends to engage with their email.

Ad Copywriting

Pound for pound, ad copywriting is the content champion. Unlike a blog post or a web page, where what you say is generally more important than how you say it, ads are the reverse — it’s all about how you deliver your message. Ultimately, this is more art than science, requiring a creative approach that also comes with an intuitive understanding of the target audience.

eBooks & White Papers

Long-form content, often used as lead magnets, is much different from awareness-generating content like blog posts. Typically, long-form content is written for an audience that is already aware of you, and it’s an amazing way to display your expertise and authority in your industry. After all, one of the most important objectives of your marketing is building trust with your audience, which requires that they see you as highly proficient in your field. We’ll help you convey your expertise in a way that will have your audience wanting more.

Let’s Get Started

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