Google Ads Management From The Experts At Design Fire

Screenshot of Google Analytics page reporting on Google Ads Campaign
Pay-per-click advertising has emerged as one of the best online marketing strategies of the last decade. Google Ads offers some of the best returns on advertising dollars spent, as long as your campaigns are structured and optimized correctly.

Search advertising allows your business to show at the very top of the search result pages – higher than the organic results and higher than the listings in the map pack. We are sure you can understand how valuable to your business it can be to be the very first result in Google, without having to go through the long processes of performing search engine optimization on your website.

The best part is, for Maine businesses, it can be relatively inexpensive to do. You only pay for your advertisement when someone clicks on your ad, unlike traditional advertising where you pay for the ad regardless if anyone ever sees it or is interested.

Since your ad only shows up for searches that you determine beforehand, you can be sure you are only advertising to people that are interested in your service or product. This is why Google Ads is able to pay such amazing returns on the ad spend you put into it.

Design Fire’s Google Ads & PPC Services

At Design Fire, we offer a wide range of services that can make sure your business goals are met through online advertising. Below is a brief outline of our services, but if you are interested in something that is not listed, do not hesitate to reach out to us and ask – we are happy to see if we can assist.

Search Campaign Management

Google Ads search campaigns are fairly straight forward to set up, but difficult to set up correctly, and keep running in top shape. We have seen so many Maine companies get pulled into Google Ads express or try to set up their own campaigns and end up with thousands or tens of thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary ad spend. Our team monitors and makes adjustments to every campaign we manage on a weekly basis. We stop poorly performing ads and keywords, allowing you to spend more on the best performing parts of your campaign.

Display Ad Campaigns

Beyond the simple search campaigns, we also design and manage display advertising campaigns. These are the banner ads you see around the web. Google allows very precise targeting of these campaigns based on demographics you choose. You can even choose the types of websites that your ads will appear on, ensuring you get the right eyes on your ads. Our well designed and compelling ads are a great way to increase brand recognition for your business.

Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting campaigns work by tagging site visitors that perform certain actions on your website. This can range from viewing a certain product, to filling out a contact form, or just spending a certain amount of time browsing your website. Once a visitor is tagged, you can show very targeted display ads to that particular user on various sites across the internet. You have probably been remarketed to many times yourself. Remember the last time you visited a website and then started seeing ads for it all over the internet? That was retargeting. Retargeting isn’t just display ads inside the Google adwords space either, you can retarget users on Facebook and Youtube as well.

PPC Landing Page Design

All of the above services rely heavily on where you send the lead once they engage with your ad. That is why a professionally designed landing page, with the most up to date conversion rate optimization techniques is vital for any paid advertising you decide to do. Our team has built hundreds of high performing landing pages for our clients. We have the experience and design talent to make sure users are delighted by your offering and convert into paying customers.

Start The Conversation About Paid Advertising

If you are considering running paid advertising for your Maine business, or if you already are and want to ensure you are paying the least amount of money for the biggest return, reach out to the Google Ads experts at Design Fire today and we will review your options for taking advantage of paid advertising.