Maine person using mobile phone to check social media accounts
Social Media is huge. Like, really huge. One out of every four people on the planet uses Facebook. That is over 2 billion people! Of course, Facebook is not the only social media platform either. When you account for Whatsapp, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat and Twitter the user rates and engagement metrics are staggering.

With that many people interacting with social media multiple times a day, it is no surprise you are interested in social media marketing.

If you are not already leveraging social media for marketing your Maine business, you need to start asap or risk getting left in the dust by your competitors. If your competitors aren’t using social media, get out in front of them as fast as you can and establish yourself as THE brand in your space on social media.

What Is Social Media Marketing

Some might say it is just the act of being active on various social media platforms. We thing that isn’t quite enough. Social media marketing is actively producing high quality sharable content tailored to a single specific social media platform.

That doesn’t mean that an individual piece of content won’t work as well on Google plus as it will on Facebook, it absolutely can. But, it is important to consider the audience you are speaking to on the various platforms when deciding what type of content to create.

To be clear, when we say content, that isn’t just words on a webpage or a blog post. Content in this context means anything you may want to share. Infographics, memes, informational updates, and videos are all forms of content to leverage on social media.

A robust and focused social media marketing strategy can be the difference between mounds of traffic for your website and the proverbial crickets chirping.

Can You Handle Doing Your Own Social Media Marketing?

Maybe. Many business owners think they can, or they think they can easily have someone that works for them take care of the company’s social media as well as perform other jobs in the business.

This is usually a fatal mistake to make. We recently saw a job posted online for a small Maine company that wanted a “Social Media Manager”. The job description included all the usual job duties that role would entail, but it also said the person filling the role would have to run a cash register / front counter at the business. That job posting hung around for almost a year, and we doubt they ever did end up filling it.

Social media marketing is absolutely a full time job, usually it is a full time job for more than one person! Between responding to comments, creating content, publishing, re-publishing, advertising on social media and doing all of this across multiple platforms, is there really going to be time to stock the shelves too?

For most Maine businesses it makes sense to hire an agency to manage your social media marketing efforts. Agencies can have multiple people working on your campaign, produce higher quality content at a faster rate, stay on top of emerging trends and do all of it without taking time from the business owner or its employees. Many times, they can even provide all of that for about the same cost as hiring a single dedicated employee.

How Can You Take Advantage Of Social Media Marketing?

At Design Fire, we customize each client’s social media marketing strategy. Every business is different, and the tactics that work for one business will often times not work as well for another.

It is important to put the time into research and testing against the customer base of a business with each social media campaign you run. Figuring out what your audience wants, and then tailoring your approach to meet their needs is the best way to get started in social media.

If you have questions or want to know what a social media marketing campaign might look like for your business, we encourage you to fill out the form below and get in touch with us. Our social media experts will analyze your current efforts, look at your target market and make suggestions for you to improve what you are currently doing. If you decide it’s time to outsource your social media management, we would love to give you a quote for what it would take to win big with Maine social media marketing.