Is your website coded correctly?

Two website developers looking at a screen while performing website development services
There are so many options when it comes to website development today. From do-it-yourself website builders to freelancers to huge marketing agencies, there is a solution at every price point. The problem is, few of your options will attain the holy triumvirate of website development: maintainability, speed, and semantics. All three are required if you want to beat out your competition in today’s marketing landscape. Oh, and before that you have to deal with the web design too.

We build our sites to be highly maintainable

From both the standpoint of the developer and the end user, we strive to create websites that are easy to use and update. To this end, we utilize WordPress for most of our projects. We certainly do create websites with other technologies – like Hugo, Laravel, Joomla, Magento and Opencart, just to name a few – but, we prefer the ease of use offered by WordPress.

The large community surrounding the WordPress CMS means reduced development costs for our clients. Since so many people use the platform, there are plugins that can meet almost any need. So, we do not have to waste time and money creating functionality. The bottom line is if you want it, someone else probably wanted it before you and it is already made. To top it off, most of the available plugins are free!

Every site we develop is completely editable by our clients. Nothing is set in stone and changes are dead simple to make. If you can use a word processor, you can customize your site to your heart’s content.

We build our sites to be crazy fast

There are so many easy optimizations that can be done to every site that can pay huge dividends when it comes to site speed. Let’s do a little experiment. Test your website at each of the following speed test sites. Make note of your results on each:

Ok, got all your results? I bet you might be noticing some things. First, you might notice you have no idea what most of what you are looking at means. Secondly, you may be noticing that the results from each of these tests are different. And finally, you probably think your website could be a lot faster than it is.

This is where we step in. It has taken us years to figure out what really matters when it comes to site speed. But, now that we know, we can make sure your site is running as fast as it is able. This is not just true for sites that we make, we can analyze your existing website and make it faster. We are so sure about that, we back up all site speed optimization services with a 100% Money back guarantee. If we can’t speed your site up, we won’t get paid.

We build sites that can be understood

People generally don’t use websites by reading the underlying HTML, CSS and Javascript. That is, however, exactly how search engines do it. Your website can be coded in such a way that the meaning of the text is more clearly conveyed to the search engine crawler. We utilize many techniques to make sure your website is as easy to use for the search engines, as it is for real users. Microdata, Meta information, and semantic, error free HTML are all important parts of a well built website.

Did we mention all our websites are responsive?

Kind of a given these days, or at least it definitely should be. Google is looking more closely than ever at the way your site renders on mobile devices. It is absolutely imperative that your site load fast, and render correctly on any device.

That is why we always build our sites from mobile up. Many developers take the opposite approach, where they build the desktop version of the site first, then work it down to a mobile size. We have never seen a site built this way work correctly at all screen sizes, and they are a pain to work with.

Starting with the mobile version of the site and working up to desktop screen sizes results in a website that looks right at EVERY screen size, even ones that don’t exist yet. We don’t just plug our sites into the most popular mobile devices. We move pixel by pixel through every possible size to ensure your website will work on next year’s devices, even when we don’t know what size they will be.

We do custom website development, too

Like we said earlier, at Design Fire build most of our website using WordPress. But, we also take on custom projects. This includes not just front-end code, we can also handle back end programming for any project.

Maybe you have an idea for the next it-that-shall-not-be-named social media site. Maybe you want custom boxing software to integrate with your e-commerce site so your shipping calculations will come out correctly – whatever the need, we have the ability to solve that one problem that has been bugging you since you started your business.

Let’s talk about your website development needs

Reach out to us today and we can get started on your website. Website development can take quite a bit of time depending on the scope of the project. It makes sense to start as soon as possible if you need a new website fast. Fill out the form below to get a free project consult and let us help you build the website of your dreams.